Friday, July 27, 2007


Wheresoever one may turn, one finds extreme tension,
anxiety and suspense prevailing everywhere. The root cause
of this universal chaos is restlessness in individual minds.
Man has made tremendous progress in various spheres of life,
but unfortunately has not cared to know anything about
the spirit within and is altogether ignorant about it.
He has unraveled the mysteries of the starry welkin,
sounded the depths of the seas, delved deep into the bowels of the
earth , braved the blinding blizzards of snowy Mount Everest,
and is now out exploring space so as to establish interplanetary
relations, but sad to say, has not found out the mystery of the
human soul within him. He has always ignored the question of
questions and has studiously avoided the vital issues of life
regarding self-knowledge, or the knowledge of the soul, as of no

A person may possess all the riches of the world, but if he does
not know anything about his own soul, it all in vain. The ultimate
purpose of all knowledge is that one should know oneself.
A Muslim divine, in this context, pronounces:

"The be-all and end-all of knowledge is but one,
That one may know the real worth of one's soul,
Thou knowest the value of everything else,
But what a folly that thou knowest not thine own value."

---Excerpts from "SPIRITUALITY: What it is?" by Kirpal Singh

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