Friday, October 06, 2006

FOSS at Work

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nationality: Filipino
country: Philippines
affiliation: ACM
institution: Ateneo de Zamboanga University
designation: Assistant for Networks
platform: mixed
techexpertise: I have learned to installed FOSS ranging from Web, Mail, Squid, Firewall, DHCP, Backup and many more and fine-tuning them for optimization. I have the passion to look for and experiment with Open Source.
fossexperience: I have worked with FOSS for over a decade. I maintain about 5 Linux Boxes running different FOSS applications. I have established an Open Laboratory in our University. This is a laboratory with Edubuntu Linux installed and is available for student use for free. I have integrated Open Source software in my class (as a teacher); software like JFlap, Octave, Anjuta and many more. I mirror some of the FOSS via website. I give Open Source Seminars to both private and government schools in Western Mindanao.

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