Thursday, September 21, 2006

online storage list

Those are the google keywords. I then got this list.
Most of them are BETAs so you need to be careful of the files you store online.
Anyway, here is my review: -- Max. 44MB -- 30 days -- Max. 512MB -- You need to sign in -- You need to download software and register. -- Have file type extension restriction, 20 MB,l5 files. -- Unlimited size but needs software installation. -- Max. 128MB -- Max. 1111MB (had a problem during uploading) -- Anonymous user: 20MB; Registered: 6GB; 150MB/file -- Signup needed; 1GB using software but 30MB for online -- MAx. 250MB; 7days; 5 files/month (with status indicator) -- send and receiving files with software to install. -- Max. 100MB

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